Pioneering Progress, Powering Innovation

Chart a new course in the investment landscape with INOVARTIC, where foresight meets financial acumen to unlock unparalleled growth opportunities.

Harnessing Innovation & Sustainability

At INOVARTIC, our expertise lies in identifying and investing in sectors that are catalysts for transformative change. With a global perspective and a steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation, we forge partnerships with trailblazers eager to turn groundbreaking ideas into tangible impacts.

Our strategic investment verticals—NEV & Mobility, FinTech & Big Data, Cyber Security, and AI Enterprise Software & Networking—are meticulously curated for their disruptive potential to redefine markets and drive sustainable progress. Partner with INOVARTIC to steer through the evolving landscape of investment with foresight, confidence, and clarity.


Invests in emerging enterprises underpinned by groundbreaking technological advancements.


Leveraging our expansive network to affirm tech validity, expedite market entry, and cultivate strategic alliances.


Tailored investment approaches for our portfolio entities, comprehensive initiatives, and dedicated governance through investor directorship.

Investment Verticals Overview

Through diversified investment verticals, INOVARTIC targets areas with the most potential for growth, impact, and innovation.

NEV & Mobility

Electrifying the future of transport, we invest in next-generation vehicles and technologies that redefine mobility.

Cyber Security

Guarding the digital frontier, we back solutions that protect data integrity and provide robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

FinTech & Big Data

Shaping the digital economy, our portfolio includes breakthroughs in financial technology and big data analytics, ensuring smarter and more secure transactions.

AI Enterprise Software & Networking

Enabling smarter enterprises, our focus on AI and networking heralds a new era of business intelligence and connectivity.